Friday July 24

Time   Research & Innovation Centre (RIC 119), University of Regina
8:00-9:00 Breakfast
9:00-9:15 Brief address

Dr. David Malloy, Vice-President-Research, University of Regina

9:15-10:05 “Troubling calls for “evidence”: Punitive accountability, disruptive innovation and neoliberal blues in the education deform project”

Dr. Michelle Fine, City University of New York

10:15-11:05 “Why universities are losing the narrative and how we might get it back”

Dr. Chad Gaffield, University of Ottawa, Past-President of SSHRC

11:15-12:05 “Biting the Hand that Feeds You: Theories of change in the settler state and its universities”

Dr. Eve Tuck, University of Toronto, OISE

12:05-1:30 LUNCH: Outside Riddell Centre patio (Weather permitting)
1:30-2:20pm “Higher Education or Education for Hire?  Corporatization, Fictive Austerity and the Threat to Democratic Thinking”

Dr. Joel Westheimer, University of Ottawa

2:30-3:20pm “The quantified self of neoliberal academia”

Dr. Rosalind Gill, City University, London

3:30-4:20pm Comrade Jesus: The Dialectic Regained and the People Unchained–Towards a Revolutionary Critical Pedagogy

Dr. Peter McLaren, Chapman University



Speaker’s Corner

  • Creation of short videos/video speakers’ corner

Themed Roundtables

  • Faculty criteria document sharing
  • Current impact & altmetrics in use at your institution
  • Issues of concern to graduate students
  • Other topics of choice
6:00-9:00pm Hors d’oeuvres