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Public Engagement & the Politics of Evidence in an Age of Neoliberalism & Audit Culture (23-25 July 2015, Regina)

This interdisciplinary conference brought together diverse speakers and delegates to analyze & discuss the shifting landscape of higher education in the Global North. Ways of resisting & diverting these neoliberal trends were explored.

  1. The past 3 days have been a tremendous gift. I have listened, been challenged & feel motivated to act on what I’ve learned #pepe2015
  2. There was social media buzz ahead of the conference.
  3. Following #PEPE2015 this week. Looks like a great & important dialogue on politics of evidence.  http://www.politicsofevidence.ca/ 
  4. Two books were launched at Crave Bar in downtown Regina on the evening of Wednesday July 23, 2015
  5. It's 1/2 essential reads for academics. @qui_oui is reviewing Polster & Newson, @marygtroche @DocPipNZ @mairinglenn. http://t.co/dZC905MdkF

    It’s 1/2 essential reads for academics. @qui_oui is reviewing Polster & Newson, @marygtroche @DocPipNZ @mairinglennpic.twitter.com/dZC905MdkF
  6. The conference was held on the University of Regina campus in Saskatchewan, Canada
  7. #pepe2015 touched by the bison sentinels – living monument for missing Aboriginal women @firstnationsuniversity pic.twitter.com/dc68mBK6XA
  8. DAY 1 of Public Engagement & the Politics of Evidence conference

  9. Conference Opening: Speakers and delegates were welcomed to Treaty 4 and Treaty 6 land and Life Speaker Noel Starblanket gave a blessing. This was followed by drumming and singing.
  10. Thumbnail for The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan | DetailsThe Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan | Details

    Noel Starblanket, born in 1946, is a member of the Starblanket Reserve. In 1971 he was elected chief of his reserve at the age of 24, thus becoming the youngest chief in Canada at that time.
  11. The morning session. Opening Addresses by Dr. Vianne Timmons, President, University of Regina & Dr. Jennifer Tupper, Dean of Education
  12. Dr. Vianne Timmons acknowledges our presence on Treaty 4 and 6 for #pepe2015 for research relevant to our communities http://t.co/YjqL1hTehB

    Dr. Vianne Timmons acknowledges our presence on Treaty 4 and 6 for #pepe2015 for research relevant to our communities pic.twitter.com/YjqL1hTehB
  13. Now @vianne_timmons saying great things about my colleague @drmarcspooner and his work on #pepe2015 and being a role model community scholar
  14. Now @vianne_timmons speaking on challenges that universities face in defending value of sabbaticals, tenure, etc. to community. #pepe2015
  15. #PEPE2015 Jennifer Tupper Dean of Education , Regina “we must rail against an unjust demand for narrow auditing”
  16. Dr. Yvonna Lincoln, Texas A&M, College Station, USA. Day 1, Morning Session.
  17. Dr Yvonna Lincoln in convo with @drmarcspooner. Her opening plenary: Commerce in the Academy set the #pepe2015 stage. http://t.co/iu3UUB1U67

    Dr Yvonna Lincoln in convo with @drmarcspooner. Her opening plenary: Commerce in the Academy set the #pepe2015 stage. pic.twitter.com/iu3UUB1U67
  18. @drmarcspooner Yvonna Lincoln the perfect foundation setter for #PEPE2015 great call
  19. “In academia it is the amount of productivity that matters, not the creativity or insight of work” #PEPE2015 #highered #profchat #uvic
  20. Dr. Lincoln on ordoliberalism (neoliberalism on steroids): the market manages the state, rewards ed institutions that corporatize. #pepe2015
  21. How to cope with coercive surveillance called auditing and impact? Yvanna Lincoln #PEPE2015
  22. Yvonna Lincoln calls on academics to denaturalize the language of managerialism and accountancy in #higherEd #pepe2015 #neoliberalism
  23. Yvonna Lincoln calls on us to renaturalize language of #higherEd to citizenship, social responsibility, & other progressive values #pepe2015
  24. Yvonna Lincoln called on academics to talk to everyone, not just each other. Some cool ideas @E4Dca @sci4knowing @poe_yorku#PEPE2015
  25. Dr. Marie Battiste, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada, Day 1, Morning Session.
  26. Dr. Marie Battiste | #pepe2015 now speaking on “Regenerating Success: Indigenization of Academy”  http://ln.is/ca/GZecq 
  27. Dr. Battiste: "Cognitive imperialism privileges colonial languages and defines success as assimilation" -#pepe2015 http://t.co/Pno5lWJVTv

    Dr. Battiste: “Cognitive imperialism privileges colonial languages and defines success as assimilation” –#pepe2015 pic.twitter.com/Pno5lWJVTv
  28. Cognitive Imperialism – basically covers all the -isms. “Inflicts #SoulWounds on indigenous peoples.” Dr. Marie Battiste #PEPE2015
  29. “Cognitive Imperialism defines success as assimilation to dominant Eurocentric values, norms & languages.” Marie Battiste #PEPE2015
  30. Yes, it does and it makes all of our lives VERY boring, @drmarcspooner #PEPE2015 #CognitiveImperialism
  31. So happy to be able to watch Dr Marie Battiste from the live stream 
#PEPE2015 with this guy! http://t.co/mdCvfJFXh9

    So happy to be able to watch Dr Marie Battiste from the live stream  http://www.politicsofevidence.ca/  #PEPE2015 with this guy! pic.twitter.com/mdCvfJFXh9
  32. Dr. Battiste presented an overview of some of the key Canadian policy documents relating to decolonizing teaching and pedagogy.
  33. Marie Battiste reminds focus only on Indigenous students ignores whiteness and dominance. #pepe2015
  34. Indigenous Education Protocol for Colleges and Institutes | Colleges and Institutes Canada  http://ln.is/ca/Ljbeq  via @ShareThis #pepe2015
  35. Protocole @cic mentionné par Dr.Battiste dans son intervention #pepe2015 Et l’urgence d’inclure la réconciliation de… https://lnkd.in/eqTqFqn 
  36. LOL. Dr. Marie Battiste nailed it: “One of the questions we need to ask is “What is higher about higher education?”” #PEPE2015 #HigherEd
  37. Wonderful, though-provoking, important presentations this morning by both Marie Battiste and Yvonna Lincoln at #pepe2015
  38. Dr. Budd Hall, University of Victoria, Canada. Day 1, Afternoon Session.
  39. Dr. Budd Hall | #pepe2015 Beyond Epistemicide: Knowledge Democracy and Higher Education @CBIE_BCEI  http://ln.is/ca/z2pIO 
  40. Dr. Hall’s #ceremony of #introduction recognizes position of priviledge acquired through the stealing of common land @stanchung #PEPE2015
  41. At #PEPE2015@buddhall tells stories of #knowledge – we must always ask “Whose knowledge counts?”
  42. Arranged in increasing order of @buddhall‘s approval: #KnowledgeEconomy #KnowledgeSociety #KnowledgeDemocracy (I hope it’s right) #PEPE2015
  43. Indigenous Knowledges in Global Contexts: Multiple Readings of Our World – Hall, Dei, Rosenberg – #pepe2015  http://ow.ly/Q0Ajg 
  44. Julie’s link to Hall et al’s Indigenous Knowledges in Global Contexts is broken. This one works: bit.ly/1JIuDO3
  45. Now @buddhall mentions his #openaccess pledge – something that I’ve made myself. This should be the default for #HigherEd #pepe2015
  46. Re: “the mouthwatering array of books for sale at #PEPE2015: Stop publishing expensive books. Publish at lower price points” @buddhall
  47. “It is not enough to critique, we have to create!” @buddhall #pepe2015
  48. @buddhall “It is not enough to criticize! We need to find ways to bring together agents of change and take action” #PEPE2015 Radical Hope !
  49. We have a lot more freedom to transgress than we actually take – @buddhall #PEPE2015 #highered
  50. Dr. Budd Hall’s call to “transgress more, worry less” pretty well sums up my teaching philosophy since I started my graduate work #pepe2015
  51. Very glad to hear @buddhall challenging academics to put ourselves into uncomfortable places. This behaviour CAN be learned. #PEPE2015
  52. Nice, @ThylacineReport@buddhall just concluded his #PEPE2015 talk with s poem by Tagore & he mentioned your mum’s (Tagore’s) university!
  53. Dr. Leigh Patel, Boston College, USA. Day 1, Afternoon Session.
  54. Next up, Leigh Patel (@lipatel) from Boston College presenting live re: anti-colonial research at #pepe2015  http://www.politicsofevidence.ca/  #HigherEd
  55. Not sure how to tweet about @lipatel because everything she said is wonderful and thought provoking #pepe2015 http://t.co/J0Ac53TC09

    Not sure how to tweet about @lipatel because everything she said is wonderful and thought provoking #pepe2015 pic.twitter.com/J0Ac53TC09
  56. “Learning predates coloniality and will outlive it” Dr. Leigh Patel #PEPE2015
  57. More on Edwige Dandicat and refusing colonial discourse on learning #achievement #pepe2015 – @dr.Leigh Patel  https://lnkd.in/e_jWqXc 
  58. Dr Leigh Patel #pepe2015. She is captivating as she weaves stories to highlight colonial logic. Her words dance, illustrate and educate.
  59. Dr. Leigh Patel “in eastern cultures struggle is an indicator of learning … in western it’s failure” #pepe2015
  60. #PEPE2015 “which unknowability should we make space for?” the conclusion to wonderful talk by Dr. Leigh Patel
  61. See article by Dan Baron-Cohen Performing Transformation at Community University #pepe2015  http://ow.ly/Q0OlL 
  62. Julie’s link to Baron-Cohen’s article is broken. This one works: bit.ly/1U1aKt0
  63. @lipatel “there is nothing standard about code [language]; rather it has been standardized” #pepe2015
  64. Dr. Linda Tuhiwai Smith, University of Waikato, New Zealand. Day 1, Afternoon Session.
  65. #pepe2015 – Next up, Linda Tuhiwai Smith re: measuring impact of indigenous research – live stream.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mvk25bDmcrM … #higherEd #fnmi
  66. Dr. Linda Tuhiwai Smith had @drmarcspooner with the reference to potatoes  #pepe2015 http://t.co/qTj3E5ROEF

    Dr. Linda Tuhiwai Smith had @drmarcspooner with the reference to potatoes #pepe2015 pic.twitter.com/qTj3E5ROEF
  67. Linda Tuhuai Smith, u of Waikato “The Optimistic Art of the Impossible”#PEPE2015
  68. LT Smith: Let’s not romanticize the pre-neoliberal university; it’s not romantic, it was horrible. #PEPE2015
  69. Dr.Tuhiwai Smith tells story of Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga | Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga Center of Research Exc #pepe2015  http://ln.is/maramatanga.co.nz/W20A4 …
  70. Researchers learn as much from failure and elimination as from success Dr Linda Tuhiwai Smith #pepe2015
  71. They always have to invent a competition Dr Linda Tuhiwai Smith. #PEPE2015
  72. Dr. Linda Tuhiwai Smith thoughts on lost funding for Maori research centers #pepe2015  http://bit.ly/1JhVjJQ 
  73. Dr. Linda Tuhiwai Smith discusses ideas on short term research impact being 1 generation (25yrs) b/c long term is 7 generations #pepe2015
  74. Linda Smith and I at the #pepe2015 conference at University of Regina. Great first day! http://t.co/to5eWTKcLV

    Linda Smith and I at the #pepe2015 conference at University of Regina. Great first day! pic.twitter.com/to5eWTKcLV
  75. After the superb talks, it was time for more food and drink
  76. Mother and son in the halls of learning; still the best way to teach! #pepe2015 http://t.co/SbIIFn0XiY

    Mother and son in the halls of learning; still the best way to teach! #pepe2015 pic.twitter.com/SbIIFn0XiY
  77. DAY 2 of Public Engagement & the Politics of Evidence conference

  78. The Morning Session: Opening Address by Dr. David Malloy, Vice-President Research, University of Regina
  79. Streaming day two of #pepe2015 – join us at  http://www.politicsofevidence.ca/  – currently VP Research of #uregina discussing #higherEd research impact.
  80. “What we (universities) do does not have to be immediate.What we do may have impact 20 years from now.” Dr. David Malloy #pepe2015
  81. @ureginaresearch “we need to elaborate our value proposition or others will do it for us #pepe2015
  82. Dr. Michelle Fine, City University of New York, USA. Day 2, Morning Session.
  83. Next up – Dr. Michelle Fine speaks on the “troubling calls for evidence” in #HigherEd #research  http://www.politicsofevidence.ca/  Watch live! #pepe2015
  84. Dr. Michelle Fine speaking right now -my hero because of her work with youth participatory action research #pepe2015 http://t.co/n2SjrWxota

    Dr. Michelle Fine speaking right now -my hero because of her work with youth participatory action research #pepe2015 pic.twitter.com/n2SjrWxota
  85. Michele Fine “politics and promiscuity of evidence” #PEPE2015
  86. Michelle Fine asks, is this really about accountability or is it about the dismantling of all things public? #PEPE2015
  87. Evidence is being used for “punitive accountability” ~ Michelle Fine #pepe2015 #research #HigherEd
  88. “I live in a country where we now live in a pornography of watching black men being shot by cops.” ~ Michelle Fine #pepe2015 #educolor
  89. “whose evidence matters?” michelle fine #pepe2015
  90. Michelle Fine “… I worry about after shocks when evidence is available and then ignored ” #PEPE2015 @TRC_en @drmarcspooner
  91. Dr. Fine: Tending to events of current colonial dispossession in the politics of evidence ? @LHolzman #PEPE2015 providing examples from NYC
  92. “Accountability is neo liberalism in drag” Michele Fine #pepe2015
  93. Dr. Michelle Fine talks about creative ways to “get the data back in the community” #pepe2015
  94. They don’t want no cops…they just wanna be policed with dignity, Dr Michelle Fine #PEPE2015
  95. Framing Dropouts: Notes on the Politics of an Urban High School – Michelle Fine – #pepe2015  http://ow.ly/Q2Iye 
  96. “Those of us who are committed to evidence are going to win.” – Dr. Michelle Fine #pepe2015
  97. “What we tolerate for the poor is unthinkable for elites” – Dr. Michelle Fine at #PEPE2015
  98. 14-Year-Old Shot to Death on Way to School, Police and Witnesses Say via @DNAinfo  http://dnain.fo/1Bgi9dj  #pepe2015 @michellefine @ptw
  99. Michelle Fine’s stories of school closing due to “evidence-based failures:” Another ex. of the disciplining of black/brown bodies. #PEPE2015
  100. “5000 police in the schools of New York City” Michele Fine #pepe2015
  101. Michelle Fine on displacement, gentrification, and school closure: “the slippery discourse of white deservingness” leaks in #PEPE2015
  102. Michelle Fine @cunynewswire now describing mob mentality of elites when their gentrification goals are thwarted. #PEPE2015 #WhitePrivilege
  103. “Dangling the tragedy of the illiterate black/brown child” to justify accountability measures – Michelle Fine at #PEPE2015 #edchat #NCLB
  104. Dr. Fine’s talk is painful to listen to: So many parallels to my time in #BCPSS. Separate but unequal. #PEPE2015
  105. US urban schools have huge issues, but we cannot buy into myth of Canada as land of equity. Huge issues w/ #FNMI learners here. #PEPE2015
  106. Prof Fine says Canada should build a wall! LOL, the takeover of my daughters’ Toronto PS by newly arrived elites is well underway #PEPE2015
  107. In questioning the use of data to justify a NYC school closure, Dr Fine was then slapped with an anonymous FOI for her emails. #PEPE2015
  108. Michelle Fine: USA universities handle these FOI requests differently. Her emails were made public & posted with some redactions. #PEPE2015
  109. Despite many issues with #TFA in the US, we are now introducing #TeachForCanada – perpetuating myth of the White saviour educator. #PEPE2015
  110. To cultivate radical hope pedagogy in view of Dr.Fine talk on racialization and violence, see: #PEPE2015
  111. In the south they work behind sheets, in the north they work behind money, Dr Michelle Fine #PEPE2015
  112. Accountability at the bottom, a free pass at the top administration levels in higher ed. .. Michelle Fine #pepe2015
  113. Agreed. Michelle Fine: Sr tenured faculty should lead the way in resisting #MetricMadness@YUFAyorku @BUFABrock @trentfaculty #PEPE2015
  114. “Metric madness” – Michelle Fine at #PEPE2015
  115. Dr. Fine: Disrupt and resist from within, demand accountability from the top, and organize across faculties and national borders. #pepe2015
  116. Awesome! Michelle Fine @cunynewswire calls for a #CitizenSocialScience movement: “everyone can cross tab data” #PEPE2015 #CitizenScience
  117. Take away: Reclaim the illusory notion of public in #publiced and make it real ~ Michelle Fine #pepe2015
  118. The magic of the Internet – chatting with @margaretelwell about Michelle Fine’s talk as she watches livestream in another country. #PEPE2015
  119. Provocative talk by Dr Michelle Fine #pepe2015. “Is evidence… used for punitive accountability”. Are all things public being dismantled?
  120. Dr. Chad Gaffield, University of Ottawa & past president of SSHRC, Canada. Day 2, Morning Session.
  121. @ChadGaffield has been liberated in his post @SSHRC_CRSH intellectual life. Welcome home! #PEPE2015
  122. @ChadGaffield talking about why universities are losing the narrative and how we might get it back. #pepe2015
  123. "What do you call a grad student without a supervisor? Interdisciplinary." @ChadGaffield #pepe2015 cc @AcademicsSay http://t.co/ZkwYBY5fW2

    “What do you call a grad student without a supervisor? Interdisciplinary.” @ChadGaffield #pepe2015 cc @AcademicsSay pic.twitter.com/ZkwYBY5fW2
  124. @ChadGaffield‘s thoughts on mass schooling play back into @lipatel words on schools as places of containment of human bodies #pepe2015
  125. Universities must address residential schools legacy ~ Dr. Gaffield quotes #TRC #2reconcile #pepe2015 @iaacs @nick_ngafook
  126. Dr. Chad Gaffield (with Northrop Frye) “Imagine the future we want, then identify the steps we need to get there” #pepe2015
  127. Dr Chad Gaffield: We need to advance the concept of universities as a public good. #pepe2015 Imagine the future we want! #higherEd
  128. Universities prepare students for enhanced contributions to a larger society (ie. citizenship education) ~ Dr. Gaffield #pepe2015
  129. Dr. Eve Tuck, SUNY, New Paltz, USA. Day 2, Morning Session.
  130. @tuckeve next up: Biting the hand that feeds you: Theories of change in the settler state and its universities #pepe2015
  131. @tuckeve speaks about her promise that whenever she is asked to talk neoliberalism she talks about settler colonialism. #pepe2015
  132. At #PEPE2015@tuckeve speaks about settler colonialism and the erasure of Indigenous communities from the land and from history.
  133. “How can we talk about inequality on stolen land without talking about the stolen land?” – Dr. @tuckeve #pepe2015
  134. Compelling quotation from @tuckeve's talk at #pepe2015, especially in light of recent police violence in the US. http://t.co/drFQZeV1Hh

    Compelling quotation from @tuckeve‘s talk at #pepe2015, especially in light of recent police violence in the US. pic.twitter.com/drFQZeV1Hh
  135. Stats shared by @tuckeve on degrees awarded by ethnicity, race, gender. #pepe2015 http://t.co/tRpY2yzZpW

    Stats shared by @tuckeve on degrees awarded by ethnicity, race, gender. #pepe2015 pic.twitter.com/tRpY2yzZpW
  136. Indigenous scholars and scholars of color are kept in line through the politics of civility. @tuckeve #PEPE2015
  137. At #PEPE2015@tuckeve quotes #ZandriaRobinson “expected to serve like Serena!”: Zeezus Does the Firing ‘Round Hurr  http://newsouthnegress.com/zeezusyear/#more-556 …
  138. @tuckeve thinking about hyper surveilled lives of Indigenous scholars #PEPE2015
  139. @tuckeve centers the work of academic women of color. Thank for your absence of quotes from old white dudes. #pepe2015
  140. How does social change happen? Dr Eve Tuck. #PEPE2015
  141. @tuckeve How shall we live? An impassioned exploration of theories of change #PEPE2015
  142. Eve Tuck asks what is the role of human agency in fostering change? #pepe2015
  143. “The conferring of human and humanity is always already a racial project.” – @tuckeve citing da Silva. #pepe2015
  144. “What if we believed that our own knowing is enough to make change?” – @tuckeve #PEPE2015 #AntiOppressiveEd
  145. #pepe2015 Now @tuckeve poses very important questions to consider for those committed to #socialjustice #agency http://t.co/SXfbZ4xbVA

    #pepe2015 Now @tuckeve poses very important questions to consider for those committed to #socialjustice #agency pic.twitter.com/SXfbZ4xbVA
  146. On Vine Deloria’s departure from Deleuze: power is social, agentic. @tuckeve #pepe2015
  147. @tuckeve Enjoying your talk #PEPE2015 – I’m interested in your use of Deloria to frame power as agentic – any article recommendations?
  148. @kathleenaikens @courosa @tuckeve This remains a challenge in #STEM. I expect you heard about the #TimHunt affair. #WomenInSTEM #PEPE2015
  149. #pepe2015 “What I want is theories of change that are not deferments.” ~ @tuckeve
  150. Decolonization is not a metaphor | Tuck | Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society ~ Tuck & Yang #pepe2015  http://ln.is/decolonization.org/i/7ZQro …
  151. Dr. Joel Westheimer, University of Ottawa, Canada. Day 2, Afternoon Session.
  152. When @joelwestheimer was asked what should be cut in Edu he questioned “Who declared this a time of austerity?” #neoliberalism #pepe2015
  153. @joelwestheimer speaking at #pepe2015 asks who declared this a time of austerity? This is a time of radically medieval economic inequity
  154. #pepe2015 “Do we need the numbers to tell us that feeding hungry children is an important thing?” ~ inspired by  https://www.evernote.com/l/AAPtrU6ps4hHArTOP8anKY4fNgvt-Hb6Cyw …
  155. Enough of metricizing everything ! ~ @joelwestheimer #pepe2015 Works with discourse on inequalities shadowing #publiced #agency
  156. .@joelwestheimer on standardized testing: “We’re unable to measure things we care about, so we care about things we can measure.” #pepe2015
  157. @joelwestheimer Adroitly calling out the ethically bankrupt rationales of providing services to raise test scores. #PEPE2015
  158. The problem with Academic Superstars. @joelwestheimer on the Myth of the Meritocracy, @jwoodgett #PEPE2015
  159. Yes, the #HigherEd Myth of Meritocracy also damages those the system labelled as being Meritorious, @joelwestheimer cc @jwoodgett #PEPE2015
  160. A focus on individual actions, using the myth of meritocracy, misses out on the power of collective action. @joelwestheimer #pepe2015
  161. Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Inst. director on “where’s meritocracy in medical sci?”  https://twitter.com/jwoodgett/status/624675475604910080 … #PEPE2015 cc @joelwestheimer
  162. Evidence-based decision making is very often ideologically-based decision making. ~@joelwestheimer #schoolreform #pepe2015
  163. “Sometimes I think that #HigherEd administrators forgetting that faculty do research” @joelwestheimer #PEPE2015
  164. “This isn’t about austerity, it’s about choices … choices we make in society as to how we allocate resources.” ~@joelwestheimer #pepe2015
  165. 1/n @joelwestheimer also mentioned how #HigherEd admin. is under pressure to brand & sell their programmes @awg_allan @jennkbergen #PEPE2015
  166. 2/n the notion that undergrad programmes differ radically across publicly funded #CdnPSE@joelwestheimer @awg_allan @jennkbergen #PEPE2015
  167. 3/n, & that #CdnPSE must be marketed, with $$$$ spent on glossy brochures, is ridiculous, @joelwestheimer @awg_allan @jennkbergen #PEPE2015
  168. 4/n My 2 #STEM undergrad daughters brought home >$500 of #UniversityFair brochures & swag, @joelwestheimer @awg_allan @jennkbergen #PEPE2015
  169. 5/n #Cdnpse Ecology BSc programmes are pretty similar so why all the branding/marketing @joelwestheimer @awg_allan @jennkbergen#PEPE2015
  170. From @qui_oui in #HamOnt: “All increased marketing/advertising in #HigherEd is a systemic thing; marketization, competition” #PEPE2015
  171. Dr. Rosalind Gill, City University, London, UK. Day 2, Afternoon Session.
  172. Now Dr. Rosalind Gill speaking at #pepe2015 on “The quantified self of neoliberal academia” Watch live at:  http://www.politicsofevidence.ca/  #HigherEd
  173. .@RosalindGillLdn mentions that #pepe2015 has allowed us to “think together” rather than focus on many individual campaigns.
  174. @RosalindGillLdn Conversations happening but how do we politicize the language & take to more formal venues #breakingthesilence #pepe2015
  175. Moving talk by @RosalindGillLdn on need 4 politicized discourse & collective action re anxiety precarity surveillance in academe #pepe2015
  176. Dr. Rosalind Gill @CityUniLondon, is explaining contract differences among different UK universities, @AMCELL @david_colquhoun #PEPE2015
  177. LOL, her hourly time tracker doesn’t allowed reporting >37 hrs/week. Apparently it’s different for you, @AMCELL @david_colquhoun #PEPE2015
  178. @RosalindGillLdn linking surveillance, exhaustion, anxiety in how bodies are impacted in the neoliberal academy. #pepe2015
  179. Hilarious, and makes excellent point re: #surveillance in #highered – Marx’s end-of-year dept. assessment:  http://youtu.be/0f_fxiT-jK4  #pepe2015
  180. Hmmmm….academic existential ‘joke’…Two feminists walk into a room and ask how many papers a baby is worth? #pepe2015 @RosalindGillLdn
  181. Here’s a link to the paper I mentioned yesterday on ‘how many papers is a baby worth?’  http://www.envplan.com/openaccess/a4547.pdf … #PEPE2015
  182. How can we improve inter-generational ties within academia? “We must have solidarity. Divisiveness isn’t good” Dr. Rosalind Gill. #PEPE2015
  183. Inter-generational ties. MT @markowenmartin: We need less shouting & more listening. Folks are far, far too reactive these days. #PEPE2015
  184. Dr. Peter McLaren, Chapman University, USA. Day 2, Afternoon Session.
  185. #pepe2015 “Every Wednesday Bikers come to town to share kill shots from the Vietnam war and tell us ‘Freedom is not Free” P. McLaren
  186. “Thinking of setting up a Church of Christian Communism” Peter McLaren #pepe2015
  187. A critical exegisis of the gospel -Miranda says Jesus was clearly a communist-#pepe2015 Peter McLaren
  188. #pepe2015 Jesus preached that you could not have rich if others remained poor Peter McLauren
  189. #pepe2015 Dr Peter McLaren critiques differentiated wealth using Marx, Jesus and Hagel.
  190. “we are obliged to action… revolution must include a radical revolution in the treatment of each other” McLaren #pepe2015
  191. DAY 3 of Public Engagement & the Politics of Evidence conference

  192. The morning session: Opening Address by Dr. Shauneen Pete, Indigenization Lead, University of Regina
  193. Dr. Pete on the priviledge on working for #social justice in #publiced, expressing gratitude and institutional challenges #pepe2015
  194. Re: #indigenization @PeteShauneen “You better know what you’re doing, otherwise you trivialize everything” #pepe2015
  195. Miigwetch Dr. Pete for inspirational #takeaway #pepe2015. Radical hope for transforming status quo in academia.  http://ln.is/files.wordpress.com/qtJYG …
  196. Dr. Christopher Meyers, California State University, Bakersfield, USA. Day 3, Morning Session.
  197. Last day of #PEPE2015. Great start with @PeteShauneen and now listening to Dr. Christopher Myers. Watch at  http://www.politicsofevidence.ca/ 
  198. Dr. Meyer’s on #publiced #citizenship #pepe2015. More on this theme: “Dissociated Consciousness[es]”  http://ln.is/mcmaster.ca/HaYFM …
  199. Call for accomplished #teacher-students #citizens and recognition of public service in academia ~ Dr. Meyers #takeaway #pepe2015 #publiced
  200. Critical reflection as criteria in #highered towards an holistic accomplished teacher-students citizenship model ~Dr. Meyers #pepe2015
  201. Awesome. Is the most realistic person in a room full of social justice academics the ethical philosopher? #pepe2015
  202. Interesting question: instead of working to change the evaluation checkboxes, maybe we look at how it came to be that we are? #pepe2015
  203. Interesting statement. The (typically) guy with the white coat speaks last. A power play. #pepe2015
  204. #Pepe2015 Interesting point about Subtlety and Feeding voices through those protected already.
  205. Dr. Polster “why should we evaluate everything?” Denaturalization of human experience in #highered quantification of everything. #pepe2015
  206. We need to worry about creating a system of delayed opportunity to speak the truth. @tuckeve #pepe2015
  207. @V_Mulholland Can’t underestimate the influence of sport and oppression. Not a metaphor #pepe2015
  208. Why are good people making these choices (in admin)? and Why are faculty caving? Dr. Chris Meyers #pepe2015
  209. This discussion by Chris Meyers has created some muffled uncomfortable giggles and outright twinged nerves #pepe2015 #purposefulfilled
  210. Dr. Sandy Grande, Connecticut College, USA. Day 3, Morning Session.
  211. Sandy Grande speaking at URegina #PEPE2015. Reparations from settler state important if structural change to happen. http://t.co/PkB3TxSfpm

    Sandy Grande speaking at URegina #PEPE2015. Reparations from settler state important if structural change to happen. pic.twitter.com/PkB3TxSfpm
  212. Red Pedagogy: Native American Social and Political Thought – Sandy Grande – #pepe2015  http://ow.ly/Q4JOA  Julie Vaudrin-Charette
  213. “What does the equitable distribution of stolen resources look look like?” Dr. Sandy Grande #pepe2015
  214. Dr. Grande pose des questions essentielles sur l'autochonisation de l'éducation et #2reconcile #pepe2015 http://t.co/a1WzE5CMb3

    Dr. Grande pose des questions essentielles sur l’autochonisation de l’éducation et #2reconcile #pepe2015 pic.twitter.com/a1WzE5CMb3
  215. Dr Sandy Grande is pointing out that the North American academy has been a huge beneficiary of imperialism. #pepe2015 #StolenLand
  216. Dr. Sandy Grande | hopefully the decolonization of academia can happen before tenure disapears #pepe2015  http://ow.ly/Q4JAj 
  217. #PEPE2015 Academic Refusal; Academic survivance explicated. “Being answerable … Reciprocity … Slow, elder, collective. S. Grande
  218. The small (1%) number of Indigenous academics can be viewed as a failure but also as a refusal. – Dr. Sandy Grande #pepe2015
  219. Dr. Sandy Grande calls on us to commit to disrupt complicity, accountability, and responsibility in the academy. #highered #PEPE2015
  220. In #HigherEd: “We’ve come to confuse support with sycophantic praise” Dr Sandy Grande on need to resist personal academic branding #pepe2015
  221. Trying to reform the university is like rearranging chairs on the Titanic. @tuckeve #pepe2015
  222. @ClaireKreuger “There is no healing this. ” Dr. Sandy Grande #pepe2015
  223. We need to “hospice” our universities, put them to rest. They served a purpose, but their time is over. Dr. Sandy Grande #pepe2015
  224. Dr Sandy Grande: Hospice as a time/space of generosity. Speaking from a place of knowing engenders resonance #pepe2015
  225. Charlene Bearhead, Education Lead, National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, Winnipeg, Canada. Day 3, Morning Session.
  226. Thrilled to be in the house for @Bearhead_C ‘s presentation “Following the Path of Truth through Student Research” #pepe2015
  227. “Words matter. It’s important to honour & acknowledge” @Bearhead_C #pepe2015 #TRC2015
  228. .@Bearhead_C speaks re: politics of #language: Important 2 consider how academic language can divide, further colonize. #PEPE2015 #highered
  229. Charlene Bearhead “I choose to use the word genocide” #TRC2015 #pepe2015. That’s @Bearhead_C on @OurTimesMag cover. pic.twitter.com/AJz7439Dar
  230. The #TRC did not make recommendations, but rather Calls to Action. That language is important. @Bearhead_C #pepe2015
  231. “I don’t know if there’s space on the shelf for 6 volumes of the TRC report to gather dust.” – @Bearhead_C #pepe2015 #reconciliation #FNMI
  232. Wilson Bearhead’s family story revealed thru’ #TRC2015 archive docs, told by @Bearhead_C#ThisIsCanadianHistory@RobartsCentre #pepe2015
  233. History & context matter: “Crazy didn’t come from within the community” Mavericks with @Bearhead_C #pepe2015 #TRC2015  http://youtu.be/nWw8Hh80AG4 
  234. Children of Residential School Survivors, “We inherited what they received” Wilson Bearhead #pepe2015
  235. It wasn’t just culture that died, but thousands of children. Bearhead_C #justsaytheword #genocide #pepe2015
  236. Lack of relationships b/w aboriginal & nonaboriginal ppl comes from ignorance & fear. Dig into the #TRC2015 archives: @Bearhead_C #pepe2015
  237. Dr. Marcia McKenzie, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada. Day 3, Afternoon Session.
  238. @SEPNetwork Marcia Mckenzie next up at #pepe2015 with ‘What counts as scholarship in #highered: Research priority areas under biocapitalism’
  239. I’m watching Marcia from the residence, @drmarcspooner! Thanks for shout out about @poe_yorku & @plantstudies #SilenceOfTheLabs #pepe2015
  240. Dr. Nick Carleton, University of Regina, Regina, Canada. Day 3, Afternoon Session.
  241. Listening to @rncarleton at #pepe2015 discuss measure & metrics of #higherEd – streamed live at  http://politicsofevidence.ca 
  242. Tensions at #pepe2015 : the construction of neoliberalism as the interplay between ownership and surveillance.
  243. “Academics have made careers out of judging each other.” @rncarleton #pepe2015
  244. Can we separate philosophy and physics? “As if you can tell where a neuron ends and a thought begins…” @rncarleton #pepe2015
  245. Related to your talk @rncarleton – “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” ~ Arthur C. Clarke #pepe2015
  246. “We live in the culture of the instant and inescapable” – as I am livetweeting @rncarleton at #PEPE2015
  247. Thank you Dr. Nick Carleton @UofRegina for reminding academics at #pepe2015 of our extraordinary privilege. Yes, many of us are in the 1%.
  248. Anti-intellectualism=”false notion that democracy means my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”-Isaac Asimov @rncarleton #pepe2015
  249. “We live in a culture of increasing anti-intellectualism” Dr. Nick Carleton #pepe2015. Tnx for putting @GeorgeTakei on a slide!
  250. “All data are qualitative and quantitative; only the lens changes” – @rncarleton at #PEPE2015
  251. Nick Carleton: We don’t yet understand #StarTrek economics. #MadMax is another future scenario: Costanza,  http://bit.ly/1JmnrLR  #PEPE2015
  252. “No relationship has been found between quantity & quality of publications” Nick Carleton. So true. BTW, C. Darwin had v. few pubs #pepe2015
  253. Not better or worse only different when someone teaches a huge class or publishes, etc. @rncarleton B awesome to each other #pepe2015
  254. “We need to understand current measurements and reclaim the measurement conversation.” @rncarleton #pepe2015
  255. During the conference, many people tweeted links to resources and readings. Those that were mentioned by the speakers in their talks are included in those tweets, while other relevant papers etc. are included below. (Please tweet me the link if you have one that you think should be added in to this storify and I will do so)

  256. ICYMI #PEPE2015#WesternU‘s great #Chakmagate project. “Transforming the University Apparatus” day 98 by @jdb_jody http://tmblr.co/ZbHkpk1ptRYh0 
  257. (1/2) Two pieces on my mind at the #PEPE2015 conference on the politics of evidence and coloniality. From this week:  http://slate.me/1GK370z 
  258. Beyond Silenced Voices: Class, Race, and Gender in United States Schools … – #pepe2015  http://ow.ly/Q2Imf 
  259. The link for Beyond Silenced Voices by Lois Weis, in Julie’s tweet is broken, but this one works: bit.ly/1I3dI8M
  260. Democratic Dialogue – A Handbook for Practitioners | International IDEA #pepe2015  http://ln.is/www.idea.int/publica/2Eq08 …
  261. Dr Westheimer asking why metrics are needed to justify feeding hungry children reminded me of this:  http://news.ubc.ca/2010/12/03/expanded-parental-leave-are-children-better-off/ … #pepe2015
  262. Resistance to High Stakes Tests Serves the Cause of Equity in Education: The Network For Public Education #pepe2015  http://ln.is/org/U96h6 
  263. Dear #PEPE2015 delegates: FYI, the Nancy Olivieri Thalassemia & Deferiprone case mentioned by @joelwestheimer http://bit.ly/1MN5GEk 
  264. Mapping interpretations of decolonization in the context of higher education | de Oliveira Andreotti | #pepe2015  http://ow.ly/Q4KGt 
  265. Absent context re Indigenous academic labor #pepe2015 Instructors paid least, worked hardest @ First Nations Uni UofR  http://briarpatchmagazine.com/articles/view/exploitation-at-first-nations-university …
  266. Thumbnail for Review: A Penny For Your Thoughts | University AffairsReview: A Penny For Your Thoughts | University Affairs

    In this post I’m taking a look at the latest book from Claire Polster and Janice Newson, A Penny for Your Thoughts. Polster and Newson have been researching and publishing about corporatization in Canadian universities for (literally) decades, with some of Newson’s earlier work going back to the 1980s (also check out The University Means …
  267. The conference visuals were also important, not just the words spoken.

  268. Arty sign in my hotel room. Adding arty hotel room signs to my secret list of theories of change. #PEPE2015 http://t.co/cJIF4adrPj

    Arty sign in my hotel room. Adding arty hotel room signs to my secret list of theories of change. #PEPE2015 pic.twitter.com/cJIF4adrPj
  269. Congratulations to @drmarcspooner on your Mad Conference Organising Skills & 👍🏽 T-shirts! #HigherEd #PEPE2015 #MMIW pic.twitter.com/1EnOT7ZYeN
  270. “Got Land? Thank an Indian”.Great outfits continue @UofRegina #PEPE2015 with @drmarcspooner & Lori. #IdleNoMore pic.twitter.com/LuVeSDjuPS
  271. What was the social media response? Were expectations met? The last section of this storify applies qualitative and quantitative #AuditCulture indicators 😉. IMO, this dip into #MetricMadness shows that we should award ourselves a 101% score for an all around outstanding conference




    . That’s 6/5


  272. Amazing conference at the @UofRegina is happening right now:  http://www.politicsofevidence.ca/  The event is being live streamed as well #PEPE2015
  273. Epic lineup of speakers at #Pepe2015. Amazing work by @drmarcspooner in bringing them together. #Reginasummit http://t.co/46JdlfqtNO

    Epic lineup of speakers at #Pepe2015. Amazing work by @drmarcspooner in bringing them together. #Reginasummit pic.twitter.com/46JdlfqtNO
  274. Indigenous friends have often reminded me that Creator gave us 2 ears & 1 mouth for us to listen twice as much as we speak #pepe2015
  275. I love the format of #pepe2015 in that presenters deeply listen to one another, reference each other, build upon each other’s work/ideas…
  276. After 3 days of #PEPE2015 it is clear to me that universities need a truth and “reconciliation” process (1/2)
  277. Won’t be able to rehab the uni or break neoliberalism w/o rematriation & reparations to Indigenous peoples & Black peoples #PEPE2015 (2/2)
  278. @drmarcspooner #pepe2015 “anyone who comes here and doesn’t take up indigenous justice is doing something wrong” #reconciliation
  279. General sense of participants at #PEPE2015, such a privilege to be with this crowd incredible people. 1st annual conference @drmarcspooner ?
  280. Powerful words from #pepe2015. Ones that we should think about when we see the headlines after something happens.  https://twitter.com/kbhildebrandt/status/624634886792417280 …
  281. Waking up to #pepe2015: powerful conversations about #highered‘s audit culture.
  282. My HE friends please see this. #pepe2015 on “The quantified self of neoliberal academia” Watch live at:  http://www.politicsofevidence.ca/  #HigherEd
  283. #PEPE2015 thank you @drmarcspooner for this conference. Best way to use Saturday!!!
  284. Live streaming right outside the symposium walls #pepe2015 http://t.co/lOWt2e2zGS

    Live streaming right outside the symposium walls #pepe2015 pic.twitter.com/lOWt2e2zGS
  285. #PEPE2015 Huge thanks @drmarcspooner and everyone who participated in fab conference this last 3 days. So much food for thought – and action
  286. #PEPE2015 Thanks for a wonderful conference @kemciver Oh, and you too @drmarcspooner
  287. Shout out to Chartwells staff @UofRegina for the fabulous food and service provided for the #pepe2015 symposium! http://t.co/hdDthXp8bS

    Shout out to Chartwells staff @UofRegina for the fabulous food and service provided for the #pepe2015 symposium! pic.twitter.com/hdDthXp8bS
  288. My significant learning from this conference. A great overall theme for three days #pepe2015  https://twitter.com/courosa/status/624640834139348993 …
  289. This is the end of this Storify but not the end of the conversation…